Is Your Child or Grandchild Held Back From the Sport They Love Because of an Injury?

Maybe the doctor said they should "just rest it" or that it's "just growing pains"... but it's still no better?

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At HT Physio, Each Week We Are Currently Offering a Very Limited Number of 100% Free Treatment Sessions to Children!

The perfect chance to get a diagnosis and a plan for getting them better so they can get back to school, sport and playing with friends without worrying about an injury getting worse or bothering them later in life.

So, What's the Catch?

There isn't one!

We just hope that you'll be so happy with the service you receive that you'll consider us as a great option if you or a family member needs any help in the future. 

Who You'll Be Helped By

Will Harlow, clinical lead at HT Physio, worked for 2 years as the Head Academy Physiotherapist for Portsmouth Football Club, so he is completely fluent in the diagnosis and treatment of children with a wide range of sports injuries.

He is passionate about helping children who are unable to compete or participate in their hobbies at present because of an injury and loves helping them get back to where they were before pain!

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How Do I Request More Information?

To enquire about availability, just email Will directly.

The address is:


Please be aware we can only offer this service to a very limited number of families and cannot guarantee you an appointment. The sooner you get in contact, the better the chance of us finding availability for you, so don't delay!