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Are you over 50 and suffering from a pain in the back of your leg? Did it start off as just a slight annoyance that you thought would go away... but it hasn't?


At HT Physio, we specialise in helping people with back pain and sciatica - our lead physio even wrote a book on helping people overcome this condition!


For a limited time only, we're offering the people of Farnham 100% free sciatica assessments - to work out what's causing their sciatica and what they need to do to solve the problem.


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Will at H-T Physio has been amazing, with his holistic approach to recovery and maintenance. He has not only worked on my back during the sessions, but empowered me with the tools to strengthen and maintain a balanced and healthy core, thus preventing further problems and difficulties! Keep up the great work, Will and THANK YOU!!
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