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Our Approach

"Is HT Physio Right For Me?"

The people we help value their health and know that resolving aches and pains is the KEY to a happy, healthy life over fifty!

Most of the people we see have tried to help themselves before they come to see us.

They might have gone to see their GP, only to be told to "rest it" or "just stretch", or, even worse, "take these stronger painkillers".

They might have gone to see a chiropractor, osteopath or physio, only to be dissatisfied by the service they received.

They may have gone to see an NHS physio, only to be given a generic sheet of exercises and just told to get on with it... (Trust me, we  hear this one ALL the time!)

They may even have been told to just accept it as "part of getting old", and that unfortunately there is "nothing that can be done"...

We know that, often, pain just doesn't seem to go away on it's own... No matter how long you've waited.

It's times like these that you need a helping hand from someone who is able to give you the time and attention you deserve, in order to get you back to your active life, before pain.

We help a HUGE range of people and problems with our unique approach and tailored treatment. We quite literally transform the lives of the clients we serve, helping to make their dreams a physical reality!

Remember, if you carry on doing exactly the same things, you'll get exactly the same results.

Don't wait for the pain to go away on its own any longer - look at the options below to get started and start the recovery journey today!

How Does It Work?

We operate out of our beautiful clinic situated in a courtyard just off Downing Street in Farnham. We offer a range of appointments to suit most schedules and needs. 

We also understand that many people aren't ready to book an appointment to come and see us right away.

That's why we offer telephone consultations with a physio, free of charge, before you book in, to make sure we're a good fit for each other.

We also offer something totally unique to our area, called a discovery session; a completely free appointment where you can call in, have a coffee with us and discuss your goals and tell us a bit about your problem.

We can then tell you whether we have seen your problem before and if we have the tools to help you get better.

A discovery session is 100% free and is a great way to get started for people who are unsure whether HT Physio is right for them, or for people who want to see how we are different to the NHS or other private clinics.

HT Physio clinicians Will Harlow and Lucy Collecott providing Farnham physiotherapy services

About Us

"HT Physio uses a unique system to promote permanent transformation after an injury, helping people aged 50+ in Farnham & Surrey to live free from pain killers, avoid surgery and regain their active lives!"

At HT Physio, we understand that people in pain aren't just worried about the injury itself, but the frustration that comes with not knowing what's wrong, having to reach for the pain killers again, or worrying that they are going to need risky surgery.

We work to not only alleviates these worries, but also provide astonishing, permanent transformations to the health of the clients we serve.

Our bespoke service focuses on YOUR goals, helping you reach these goals quicker than you imagined possible!

Get in touch!

If any of the above resonates with you, and you're ready to hear about the appointments we offer, we'd love to hear from you! Why not fill out our 30 second form to enquire about pricing and availability?

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