Our Farnham Physiotherapy Clinic Specialises in Helping
Health-Conscious, Active People Over Fifty
to Regain Mobility & Avoid Surgery!

Watch this video where HT Physio's Over-50's Specialist, Will Harlow, explains how HT Physio helps people in Farnham aged 50+ to get off pain killers, avoid surgery and get back to doing the things they love!

If you've been told your painful problem is "just a part of getting old" or you're worried about becoming reliant on painkillers and missing out on the things you enjoy...

HT Physio could be the solution to your problem!

Free Discovery Session

We understand that not everyone is ready to book a full assessment without having some questions answered first. If you were let down in the past and want to see how we are different, book a 100% Free Discovery Session where you can meet us before you commit to treatment!

Free Telephone Consultation

If you're struggling with a painful problem, ask us for some expert advice (with no obligation to become a client). If you want to ask how we can help, or simply need some advice about your issue, you can have all your questions answered over the phone by an expert Farnham physiotherapist. 

About HT Physio in Farnham

If you're like our usual clients, you are searching for a natural way to live free from pain killers, avoid surgery and return to your active life after injury. 

We don't believe in telling people that their problems are "just due to their age", nor do we subscribe to the "take stronger painkillers" advice that you may have received from the NHS.

We focus on taking our clients from feeling anxious and limited by injury, to having the confidence to return to the things they love!

If you're searching for a Farnham physiotherapy clinic with a dedicated over-50's specialist, why not get in touch to see how HT Physio can help you to achieve your goals?

Meet Some of Our Wonderful Past Farnham Physiotherapy Clients!

Carole Bush
Carole Bush
Will is very approachable and yet professional. I had an extremely painful flare up of arthritis in my knee. I didn’t want to go to my GP for painkillers. After 7 sessions with Will my knee is back to normal which is amazing! I am so pleased and grateful. I would highly recommend Will.
Caroline Crolla
Caroline Crolla
Will was very helpful with my knee and hip pain. He listened carefully and then diagnosed and treated my pain effectively. I liked being given a limited number of exercises to work on at home. This combination now means that I am pain free which is great. I recommend Will wholeheartedly.
Evelyn Hole
Evelyn Hole
I really enjoy all the information gleaned from the e-mails I get, It helps to be more knowledgeable.
Caroline Bridger
Caroline Bridger
I had a pretty severe issue with Sciatica. Will helped to get me moving again so I could resume my day to day activities
Angela Parke
Angela Parke
Before my first appointment with Will at HT Physio, I had suffered with chronic lower back pain and stiffness for 5 years. At its worst, I was unable to walk for more than 5 minutes without sitting down. I used to be able to go for 10-15 mile walks, but this was no longer possible. I felt miserable and thought that I would never be able to do the things that I used to do. During those 5 years I had consultations with NHS physiotherapists, but, as the appointments were limited, I never saw the same physiotherapist from one appointment to the next, and I was given very little specific guidance, so they did not help the problem. In desperation, I had treatments from a chiropractor, but these only made my back pain worse. Fortunately, while searching the internet 2 years ago, I found details of HT Physio and subscribed to the Three-Tip Friday emails. Shortly afterwards, I booked my first appointment with Will. I was impressed with how detailed a history he took, how thorough his examination was, and how reassuring he was that my back problem could be improved. I left with a set of exercises to do at home. At each subsequent appointment, he checked whether there had been any improvement in my pain and stiffness and how I was finding the exercises, modifying or changing them if necessary. Along with ultrasound and massage treatments, my back problem gradually improved, and was fully resolved in 5 months. Last summer while I was in holiday I was back to walking 13-16 miles a day! I have continued to book appointments with Will when I have had other musculoskeletal problems and I now see him every few months to check that everything is still ok. I very much appreciate not only his excellent diagnostic skills, treatment and advice, but also the reassurance that he gives that any problems can be improved or resolved. I highly recommend Will at HT Physio.
Juliet Browne
Juliet Browne
I saw Will a few days after I had injured my arm. He was brilliant. He identified the problem with my rotator cuff and following his course of my treatment and exercises I'm very glad to be back to normal! The environment is warm and friendly from the moment you are greeted by Bryony in reception.
john white
john white
After a number of sessions with Will I am know free of neck pain. Will took the time to listen to my problem and provided me with complete confidence in his approach to resolving the problem I had. He is extremely knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in recommending him to you. Whilst undergoing treatment I took the opportunity to read Will's book "Thriving Beyond Fifty"...an easy read that is packed with great advice on staying healthy, which again I would thoroughly recommend.
Rachel Thompson
Rachel Thompson
After a poor experience with an NHS allocated Physio I contacted HT Physio for a consultation re my shoulder. I had broken my collarbone and had frozen shoulder. I was told by the other physio that I was looking at a 2-4 year recuperation and unlikely to get full movement back as I was over 50! One year on, 10 months with Will at HT Physio and I am back to my ballet fun class, movement fully restored and pain free. A kind, compassionate, great listener Will diagnosed what was needed, clearly explained exercises and demonstrated. Printed visuals and equipment needed were provided. Appointments were regular and my choice. Text/email notifications were great. Price acceptable and on hindsight underpriced for results achieved. My injury was treated throughout Covid times as the comfortable treatment room and waiting area was kept immaculately clean and hygienic. I 100 percent recommend that you use HT Physio in Farnham.
Gary Woolgar
Gary Woolgar
I came to HT Physio after 6 months of not being able to run with a damaged knee. After I had seen my doctor who sent me for NHS physio which didn't seem to be helping. When I met Will at HT physio he was the first person to diagnose it as a meniscus tear. And explained to me what I had done. Over the next week's he devised an exercise plan too slowly strengthen my knee and encourage the healing of the meniscus. He told me it would take about 3 months which it did. When I first saw him I could not take one step without pain now I am completely pain free and back running again. I was very impressed with his professionalism and all the help and advice he gave me, I would highly recommend him. Gary Woolgar.

Is HT Physio's Farnham Physiotherapy Clinic
Right For Me?

Our Farnham Physiotherapy Clinic Helps:

  • People aged 50+ in Farnham and Surrey who truly value their health and want to live free from nagging painful problems.
  • Those who DON'T want to rely on pain killers to remain active.
  • Those who know that specialist expert attention and treatment is the best possible way to put an end to their painful problem.
  • Those who have a clear goal that they want to achieve - and are SERIOUS about achieving it!
  • Those who DON'T want to gamble on NHS treatment - and can't afford to wait up to 12 weeks to be seen on the NHS.
  • Those who want to regain their vitality, social life and sex life after being held back by a painful problem!

Look Inside Our Beautiful Farnham Physio Clinic!

HT Physio, Farnham physio, physiotherapy farnham, physiotherapy clinic farnham
HT Physio, Farnham physio, physiotherapy farnham, physiotherapy clinic farnham
HT Physio, Farnham physio, physiotherapy farnham, physiotherapy clinic farnham
HT Physio, Farnham physio, physiotherapy farnham, physiotherapy clinic farnham
HT Physio, Farnham physio, physiotherapy farnham, physiotherapy clinic farnham

How We're Different to Other Providers:

  • A uniquely specialist approach to helping over-fifties solve painful problems
  • Polite, friendly, welcoming, honest & genuine staff who truly care about the people they serve
  • Flexibility in appointment times to suit your preferences and needs
  • An emphasis on HANDS-ON treatment (NOT just a sheet of exercises)
  • A practitioner who actually listens and takes the time to understand your problem
  • Expert guidance on a range of options to help you decide on the best path to fixing your issue
  • A business that truly values their customers and prioritises client satisfaction and results above all else
  • World-class follow-up care to ensure you achieve - and maintain - your recovery from injury
  • A gentle approach from someone who understands that not everyone wants to run marathons!

Find Out How It Works Here:

HT Physio clinicians Will Harlow and Lucy Collecott providing Farnham physiotherapy services

Meet Our Clinical Team

Our clinical team are specialists in helping people in Farnham & Surrey aged 50+ to get off pain killers, avoid surgery and live the life they deserve!

The team is led by Will Harlow, Farnham's Leading Over-50's Specialist, Best-Selling Author & Clinical Lead at HT Physio.

Joining us in 2023, Lucy Collecott is our lower limb specialist who enjoys helping over-fifties to improve the symptoms of arthritis and regain mobility after injury.


Now Available from Will Harlow:

Thriving Beyond Fifty

78 Natural Strategies to Restore Your Mobility, Avoid Surgery & Stay Off Pain Pills in Your Fifties... and Beyond!

Thriving Beyond Fifty is Will's brand new book, dedicated to sharing some of his best strategies for maintaining health, mobility and independence in middle age and beyond!

You'll learn how to ensure health in mind, body and spirit with 78 strategies designed to show anyone of retirement age how to say goodbye to pain and suffering so they can get on with ENJOYING life!

Click HERE to view it on Amazon and get your copy!

Thriving Beyond fifty will harlow physiotherapy farnham physiotherapist farnham

Where's the Problem?

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We help people with neck and shoulder pain to work, sleep and drive without constant disturbance. Our free guide gives you tips for getting rid of neck or shoulder pain without pain pills.

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Watch Will Harlow Talk LIVE at Farnborough WI!

In this recent live talk at the Farnborough WI, Will reveals some of the secrets he shares with his clients to help them remain mobile, active and pain-free over the age of fifty: