Client Success Stories!

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"I sought a local physio, at my wife's suggestion and with some hesitation, for a shoulder condition that was causing increasing discomfort and limiting movement. The first exploratory session with Will was very reassuring in that he was confident he could help. And he did... with a combination of massage, manipulation and home exercises. Even the first session provided immediate benefits. Will knows his business and I have no hesitation in recommending him (as I already have). Many thanks!"

Ian R, Farnham

"Really pleased to find Will. He explained clearly what the problem was and, with manipulation and gentle home exercises, soon had me on the road to recovery.
I'd definitely recommend Will to anyone needing physiotherapy to alleviate pain."

Graham F, Farnham

"If you need a great Physio - HE'S HERE!! My history of back problems means I have had lots of experience of professionals working to help me! Will at H-T Physio has been amazing, however, with his holistic approach to recovery and maintenance. He has, not only worked on my back during the sessions, but empowered me with the tools to strengthen and maintain a balanced and healthy core, thus preventing further problems and difficulties! Keep up the great work, Will and THANK YOU!!"

Yvonne T, Farnham

"Three months ago I was at a low point and in lots of pain.

My fitness, pain and life has improved so much due to Will’s skills of listening to my issues and finding the best solution through his holistic approach to health and well being.

I could not rate Will higher. He is very professional, knowledgeable and caring."

Lisa M, Farnham

My persistent and painful neck problem has improved considerably thanks to Will Harlow with his innovative ideas for gentle exercises and his careful and professional hands on treatment. He is kind and caring and I would highly recommend him." 

Mary S, Farnham 

Will Harlow is a very professional and compassionate physiotherapist. I have received excellent care over the past 6 months which has reduced my back pain so that it is barely there. I would highly recommend Will and I am going to continue receiving treatment in order to maintain the level of comfort that I now experience.” 

Angela H, Farnham 

“I first visited Will in July 2020 with a persistent pain in my hip and groin area. It was stopping me enjoying the tennis and golf which I love so much. It was also painful at night. I was certain that I would be told that I might need a new hip, or that it was just "wear and tear expected at your age" ( I was 70 years old). Will was very professional in his approach and very reassuring that he could help me. Anyway 3 months later, after following a regular exercise regime and with hands-on treatment from Will, I was back on the tennis court and playing regular golf. I have returned to Will for regular treatment to try to maintain this improvement. I am not completely cured. Maybe I will have to live with a few aching muscles, but I am probably 80% better and currently cope with long, energetic walks most days and I hope to continue to run round the tennis court when current covid restrictions allow me to. 

Rosemary W, early-70's, Farnham 

I would like to both thank you for your attention and congratulate you on the treatment I received which has enabled me to resume a satisfactory level of mobility.

Having reached the age of ninety one, had two hip replacements and subsequently three dislocations I had almost despaired of regaining a reasonable level of walking but thanks to your initial assessment and subsequent treatment I am now enjoying walking once again .

I will not hesitate to revisit you from time to time as required.” 

K.L., early 90's, Farnham 

“I thought I’d let you know the time Will spent easing my back together with the exercises gave me has made a huge difference and I’m back to my full exercise regime. I’m also looking forward to skiing so have bravely booked to go skiing next Christmas. 

M.R., early 70's, Farnham 

“Thank you so much Will. Working with you has taught me how to manage the arthritis in my knees and back a lot better. I have also left with a program to follow and build on. Would highly recommend Will at HT physio 

Trudy B., Farnham 

Completely recommend Will - outstanding service on every level. His knowledge and all round professionalism – really impressed. 

C.B., 50's, Farnham 

“I saw Will for treatment for a painful tendon problem around my ankle which I had left for far too long before seeking help. I found the combination of his professional expertise, technical experience and reassuring manner, together with his ability to explain clearly what was wrong and to ensure that I received the correct treatment, meant that I saw real improvement as quickly as was possible with this particular type of problem. I am in my late fifties and tend towards arthritis and some associated problems developed in my hip and knee because I was compensating for the weakness in the ankle. Will spotted this and also helped me with these additional problems. I would highly recommend him. 

Charlotte L., 50's, Haslemere