Frequently Asked Questions


What can HT Physio do for me?

We can diagnose injuries, then use a unique treatment system to promote permanent transformations for anyone suffering from a painful problem. This will include expert hands-on therapy, bespoke treatment plans and health interventions aimed at restoring your bodies natural balance, rhythm and function.


Is HT Physio right for me?

If you live in Farnham or Surrey, are aged 50+ and currently being held back by a painful problem, then HT Physio may well hold the solution to your problem. If you are tired of taking pain killers, worried about the prospect of risky surgery or missing out on the life you deserve, we can help. 

HT Physio is made for people who take their health as seriously as we do; people who know their health is their greatest asset. If this is you, why not give us a call today?


How does it work?

You can get in touch with us by calling 01252 717529, or by scheduling a free telephone consultation or clicking the appointments and pricing button at the bottom of this page.

We will then arrange a chat with you about your problem and organise a visit for either us to come and see you, or you to come to us, where you will be assessed. We will then recommend a treatment plan for you, and you can choose one that suits your goals. Then, the recovery journey begins!


When should I get in contact with HT Physio?

If you have a painful problem that's causing you to worry about losing your independence, reach for the pain killers or fear surgery, give us a call!

Usually, the quicker we see you, the quicker we can help.


Will it hurt?

The type of therapy we do is usually completely pain-free. For some problems, treatment may cause a little discomfort, but our clients usually describe this as a "nice" sensation, as if something is being "fixed" or "released".


Are physios only for people who play sports?

Absolutely not. HT Physio provides so much more than just physiotherapy. We use a unique approach involving health coaching, lifestyle planning and specialist physiotherapy to produce complete transformations to the health of our clients. 


I heard that physio’s don’t do a lot of hands-on treatment any more. Is this true?

Not at all. Physio’s working in the NHS may not be able to prioritise hands-on treatment due to lack of contact time with patients and pressure to only see a patient three times maximum.

We believe that hands-on treatment is important and use a combination of mobilisation, manipulation, and massage to help to ease stiffness and improve mobility.


Do you do massage?

That is one of the “tools” in our skillset but we do much, much more than that too. 


Am I going to get a huge list of exercises to do at home?

Not at HT Physio. We have a strong belief that a maximum of one or two carefully chosen exercises for you to do in the convenience of your own home will be enough to help you to achieve your goals, along with our expert hands-on approach.


Will you be able to help even if my GP says my pain is due to ‘my age’?

Absolutely. Very often, the aches and pains that get blamed on ‘old age’ are treatable. A lot of pain that occurs due to arthritis is due to tension in the muscles surrounding the joint, due to overworking a weakened muscle group. We work to ease this tension, then help you to strengthen necessary areas.


How many times will I need to be seen?

That depends on your problem and your goal. Our friendly physios should be able to outline a clear treatment plan for you on your first session which you can agree on together. We always give more than one treatment plan option so YOU can pick one that suits you best!


Can I choose to be seen by a female clinician?

Yes! We understand many ladies would be happier being seen by a female physiotherapist. Just mention you would prefer to see a female physio when you call or enquire and we will make sure to sort it for you.


Do you work with athletes as well?

All of our physios have experience with elite level athletes in a variety of sports. We are used to working under time pressures in order to get someone fit for an event, and even if you’re just a ‘weekend warrior’ sportsman or woman, we will take your injury just as seriously as we would a professional athlete.


I’m over 50 and my knee pain stops me from walking as far as I’d like. Can you help?

Absolutely. This is one of the most common complaints we successfully deal with here. If you have been told you’ve got ‘wear and tear’ in your knees or that you might need a joint replacement, call us first to see if we can help you! Even if the cartilage in a joint is worn, our unique approach can protect your knee joint and improve your walking distance in a matter of weeks.


I’m worried I might fall. Do you deal with balance problems?

Definitely. We are highly trained in falls prevention and know just how terrifying the prospect of a fall can be. We will prioritise our treatment around making you much more stable on your feet if this is your goal.


I sit at a desk all day and have been told my neck pain is because of “posture”. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely. Most neck pain of this nature is due to muscles becoming tight and sore. Our hands-on treatment is very effective at reducing this type of pain.


I’m not in lots of pain… but I am very stiff - Can you help me?

Yes! We can treat stiffness very effectively through a combination of techniques. The quicker you come to see us, the less likely that stiffness is to turn into pain.