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HT Physio Provides Specialist Physiotherapy for Over-50's in Farnham Who Want To Stay Active and Avoid Pain Killers!

We Are Based on Downing Street in the centre of Farnham.

Watch the video below where Will Harlow, back pain specialist at HT Physio, explains how we help over-50's keep active, mobile and free from pain killers.

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Free Discovery Session

We understand that not everyone is ready to book a full assessment without having some questions answered first. If you were let down in the past and want to see how we are different, book a 100% Free Discovery Session where you can meet us before you commit to treatment! Please be aware - there are a very limited number of these appointments available each week.

Free Telephone Consultation

If you're struggling with a painful problem, ask us for some expert advice (with no obligation to become a client). If you want to ask how we can help, or simply need some advice about your issue, you can have all your questions answered over the phone by an expert physiotherapist. Click the button and fill out the 30-second form and we'll get right back to you!

About HT Physio 

We don't believe in telling people that their problems are "just due to their age", nor do we subscribe to the "take stronger painkillers" advice that you may have got on the NHS.

We focus on taking our clients from feeling anxious and limited by injury, to having the confidence to return to the things they love!

If you're looking for physiotherapy in Farnham, why not get in touch to see how HT Physio can help you to achieve your goals?

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Meet Will Harlow

A Leading Long-Term Back Pain & Sciatica Specialist, Published Author, Clinical Lead at HT Physio.

Will is a physiotherapist, back pain expert and published author who lives in Surrey.

He published a book last year called "The 7 Steps to Overcome Sciatica", which is a complete step-by-step guide to recovery for people suffering from back pain and sciatica.

He specialises in helping people in Farnham & Surrey aged 50+ to get off pain killers, avoid surgery and live the life they deserve!


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Back Pain

We help people with back pain to get off pain killers, avoid surgery and regain their mobility. Read how we could be the answer to your back pain - even if NOTHING has worked before!

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Knee Pain

We have a wealth of experience in helping people with knee pain to walk further, avoid falls and avoid constantly taking paracetamol. See how we could be the solution to your knee pain.

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Neck & Shoulder Pain

We help people with neck and shoulder pain to work, sleep and drive without constant disturbance. Read how we can help you to get rid of that neck or shoulder problem and stop it from coming back!

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