How Does It Work?

If you have a painful problem that you'd like us to help you with, you DON'T need to wait for a referral from a doctor to get it sorted!

Here is the process – and how we can help:

  • 1 If you have a problem you'd like immediate help with, you can call us on 01252 717529.
  • 2 If you'd prefer to speak to an expert first, enquire about cost or book a free discovery session, you can do that using the buttons below.
  • 3 After speaking to one of our friendly team, you'll be sent a welcome pack and a confirmation email confirming your appointment.
  • 4 At your first appointment, you'll receive a diagnosis, hands-on treatment, a custom rehabilitation programme and recommendations for next steps. You'll also receive a 3-page Summary of Findings document after your appointment.
  • 5 Our experts will design a customised Plan of Care for you and walk you through exactly what you'll need to do to get your problem fixed so you can return to the things you love!

Choose One of the Following Options to Get Started!

Free Telephone Consultation

We understand that sometimes you just need to speak to an expert first before deciding your next steps. You can do exactly that below:

Free Discovery Session

Come and meet us in person to check whether we can solve your problem. You can apply for a free 30-min consultation below:

Enquire About a Consultation

For the quickest way to get started, enquire about cost & availability for an initial consultation with treatment below:

HT Physio clinicians Will Harlow and Lucy Collecott providing Farnham physiotherapy services

What to Expect from Treatment with Us:

  • A uniquely specialist approach to helping over-fifties solve painful problems
  • Polite, friendly, welcoming, honest & genuine staff who truly care about the people they serve
  • Flexibility in appointment times to suit your preferences and needs
  • An emphasis to HANDS-ON treatment (NOT just a sheet of exercises)
  • A practitioner who actually listens and takes the time to understand your problem
  • Expert guidance on a range of options to help you decide on the best path to fixing your issue
  • A business that truly values their customers and prioritises client satisfaction and results above all else
  • World-class follow-up care to ensure you achieve - and maintain - your recovery from injury
  • A gentle approach from someone who understands that not everyone wants to run marathons!

Get in touch!

If any of the above resonates with you, and you're ready to hear about the appointments we offer, we'd love to hear from you! Why not fill out our 30 second form to enquire about pricing and availability?