"We Help Active People in Farnham to Stay Off Pain Killers, Avoid Surgery and Return to Their Hobbies!"

We understand that painful problems don't just "go away" because of a pandemic! 

And we want to encourage you to see this period of time - where the world is grinding to a halt - as the ideal time to get your painful problem sorted FOR GOOD

We're offering the people of Farnham FREE injury recovery guides, packed with actionable guidance, to help:

  • Back Pain (that causes stiffness and affects sitting at work)
  • Knee Pain (that aches in the morning and limits walking distance)
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain (that causes headaches and affects sleep)
  • Sciatica Nerve Pain (that forces you to change position every few minutes and makes you feel generations older than you really are)

To take one of our free injury recovery guides below to get started at home today:

What Problem Can We Help You With?

Back Pain

We help people with back pain even when NOTHING has worked before! Download a free back pain recovery guide below!

Knee Pain

We help people with knee pain even when their doctor told them that nothing can be done! Download a free knee pain recovery guide below!

Neck & Shoulder Pain

We help people with neck & shoulder pain who've been told to "Rest it" but are no better! Download a free neck & shoulder pain recovery guide below!


We help people with sciatica leg pain even when NOTHING has worked before!

Download a free sciatica recovery guide below!

About Our Service

We understand that people with an injury aren't just worried about the pain, but the frustration that comes with not knowing what's wrong, the disappointment on missing out on the things they love and the fear that comes with taking more and more pain killers.

We also understand that you probably aren't ready to book an appointment with us right away. That's why we offer tonnes of free expert information about your problem to help you make the right decision about your injury and stop it from getting any worse!

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Other Ways to We Can Help with Your Problem

Ready to Get Going Right Away? Request Appointment Cost & Availability

If you're ready to get started and get the best possible help for your painful problem, click the button below to request information about cost & availability for an appointment with our expert physios.

Request a FREE Discovery Session Before Committing to Treatment

We understand that not everyone is ready to get going right away. Maybe you had a bad experience on the past or just want to check whether we can help first. A Discovery Session is a chance to come in, meet us first and see how we can help.

Request a FREE Telephone Consultation with an Expert Physio

Let us know if you'd like to chat to a physio about your problem and get some helpful advice about recovering from your injury over the phone. There is absolutely no obligation to book following a phone call.