Guidebook Injury Disclaimer

Guidebook/Blog Injury Advice Disclaimer

The information given on this site via either blog posts or guide books is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice. The provided information only gives suggestions to help those in pain and neither the author, nor HT Physio can be held responsible should the advice not have the desired effect. Anyone with worrying symptoms or symptoms listed in the guidebooks (not exhaustive) which might suggest serious pathology should disregard information from this website and seek medical advice immediately. The reader assumes full responsibility for any adverse outcome upon following advice from this booklet and neither the author nor HT Physio can be held responsible for any adverse outcomes should the advice be carried out in an irresponsible fashion by the reader. Of course, any exercise or treatment method used by someone following advice from this website or a guidebook from HT Physio has potential to make a problem worse if carried out incorrectly. Therefore, readers are instructed to exercise proper caution at all times and stop and seek advice should the problem begin to worsen following implementation of said advice. HT Physio cannot be held responsible for the worsening of a problem or separate injury upon the advice being followed.