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Are You Looking for Knee Pain Relief for Stiff, Achy Knees That Hurt in the Morning and Limit Your Walking?

We specialise in helping over-50's in Farnham with knee pain that threatens their mobility and independence and forces them to take pain killers.

We are often able to help people who have been LET DOWN by the NHS with our hands-on treatment methods. 

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Does this sound like you?

Most people with knee pain in Surrey developed it out of the blue. Maybe it started one day when they were out walking or maybe they twisted their knee and it's been painful ever since.

They usually hoped it would go away on it's own, but it hasn't.

Before long, they've been worrying about it for months... and it's only getting worse!

A lot of people with knee pain in Surrey do go to their doctor for some advice.

Unfortunately, 90% of these people are told to "just rest it" and "take some pain killers"...

However, this will only get you so far.

The truth is: someone with knee pain needs targeted treatment to get better fully and minimise the risk of a chronic knee problem or risky surgery. Sadly, you won't always get this advice from a doctor.

You've probably been told 100 different things about your knee pain by friends and family. Maybe one person told you to rest it, while one told you to try YouTube exercises? 

Maybe one said to use ice and one said to use heat?

Being told lots of contradictory things can be so confusing and leave you struggling to make a decision. 

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If the above story sounds anything like you, why not get some free, actionable advice over the phone from a knee pain expert?

Click to request a completely free telephone consultation to have all your questions answered, with absolutely no obligation to book an appointment.

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If you need some help but you're a little skeptical after having unsuccessful treatment elsewhere in the past, book a 100% Free Discovery Session so you can meet us in person before booking an assessment. 

We can show you who we are and how we work and help you make a decision about your knee pain.

If any of the above sounds like you, then we'd love to speak to you and tell you about how we can help! Why not take one of the options below and let us help you make the right decision about your knee problem?

Currently suffering with knee pain? Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to help!

  1. Avoid taking too much rest - Have you ever been told to rest after an injury? With knee pain, rest will usually make your symptoms worse, even though this sounds counter-intuitive! 
  2. Make a plan for getting better - Most people just do nothing when they get knee pain, hoping it will go away on its own. The fact is, it often doesn't... and you need a plan laid out to get better before it gets worse! 
  3. Choose the right exercises - Exercises are an essential part of a recovery from knee pain. However, it's really easy to choose the wrong ones and make your symptoms worse! Speak to one of our knee pain experts on the phone today who can advise you. 
  4. Get highly effective hands-on treatment - Hands-on physio is incredibly effective at treating knee pain! You might not get this type of treatment on the NHS. It has been shown to be incredibly effective for knee pain alongside a proper exercise programme. 
  5. Take our 100% free Knee Pain Guide Our guide "5 Expert Ways to Relieve Knee Pain That Hurts in the Morning and Limits Your Walking Distance" is currently free and you can take it today and get started at home!

Download our free guide: Top 5 Expert Tips to Help CURE Knee Pain... Without reaching for the pain killers or making another appointment to see your GP!

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What's inside your FREE Knee Pain Guide?

  • The REAL causes of knee pain in over-50's
  • Why you might be LET DOWN by the NHS
  • What you can do to STOP knee pain!
  • How to stop it from COMING BACK in the future!

How Can a Knee Pain Expert at HT Physio Help YOU Get Better?

  • Our hands-on therapy is extremely effective at relieving pain and stiffness - you can expect this in as little as 2 sessions
  • We will get to the root cause of your problem - no more guessing what's wrong!
  • We will give you the appropriate rehab to prevent your problem from coming back!
  • We can help you get a proper night's sleep - even if your knee pain is currently keeping you up ALL night!
  • We will help you to finally get off pain killers, helping your liver and preventing addiction!
  • We save people from needing risky knee surgeries (like total knee replacements)!
  • We can help you walk as far as you used to be able to - without needing to stop because of pain!
  • We can help you get back to the things you love with friends and family, rather than missing out due to knee pain!

Did you suddenly develop stiff, achy knees one day, for no obvious rhyme or reason?

Knee pain can be really worrying... Especially when you feel as though it's limiting you from walking as far as you once could. In extreme cases, it might even stop you from doing the things you enjoy and even threaten your independence.

Were you told that knee pain is "to be expected" at your age, or that "everyone suffers from arthritis"?

Maybe you're worried about where it's come from or worried that it's going to get worse?

The good news is this: you're not alone and we help people with this exact type of problem all the time!

Jan's Story

Listen to how HT Physio helped Jan C from Surrey with her painful problem.

physio farnham, physiotherapy farnham, physiotherapist farnham, farnham knee pain specialist, physiotherapy for knee pain, knee pain treatment
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